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Remember that time I kept a secret for MONTHS?!?! No? Well I did!!!! Ya, I know I am surprised I did it too! I am not a secret keeper! Exciting things just excited me SO MUCH. But the past year I was just struggling to connect with my website so bad! I didn’t feel like […]

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Its been a long while since I posted a milestone blog post about my little niece. I actually think I accidentally missed her 12 month one (oops). But this girl. I didn’t think it was possible for her to get anymore personality than she had before, and yet everyday she gets more and more. She […]

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I’ve shared pictures of my favorite at home Very-Berry Smoothie on my Instagram Stories and always get a ton of questions, so I am going to share how to make this delicious thing at home!!! I am not big on sweets, and REALLY love fruit so when my mom started making this smoothie I just […]

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Man, July just really got away from me and I completely missed doing my July Favorites! Really dropped the ball on that butttttt I am back for August and what a more perfect day than the last day of the month! So LETS GET TO IT! First up is something I have been using since […]

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Let me just start by saying I have been DYING to go to Nashville for over a year now – so when Hope announced the 2nd alumni retreat was going to be held there, I was STOKED. Okay back to the beginning. 2.5 years ago, I traveled to Fredericksburg, VA to attend my first ever […]

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  Its finally here yall! The long awaited for post alllll about my 10 days out west for vacation! I have gotten SO many questions about my trip so I am going into as much detail as I can physically remember – full disclaimer though. I did not plan anything for this trip, minus some […]

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