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2023 Senior VIP Team Kickoff Session

The kick off session for the 2023 Senior VIP team was hands down absolutely incredible! These girls came in ready to make connections, start their senior year and make some memories! And lets just address the obvious, HOW STUNNING ARE THEY ALL!

Each year, early summer I release applications to the upcoming senior class to apply to be apart of the team! I then select girls who are big on friendship, community and are just driven.

This is always one of my favorite sessions with the team because we are all so excited to meet each other and grab a few fun photos to start the year off!! I always love meeting them and getting to chat with the one-on-one for a few minutes!

This shoot didn’t have a theme, or strict dress code, I just had them all wear shades of blue, white and denim (in true KHP fashion) and I think it turned out adorable!

I cannot wait for the rest of the year with these girlies!

Meet Ally:

Meet Ainsleigh:

Meet Riley:

Meet Abby:

Meet Isabelle:

Meet Kamille:

Meet Emma:

They are all so sweet and are going to kill it this year! I cannot wait to see all the things they accomplish and what colleges and post-high school plans they make!

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