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Washington Oaks State Park Engagement Session | Jacksonville Wedding Photographer Lee + Doug | Palm Coast, Florida

As a photographer, I like most, have a running list of “bucket list locations” that I want to shoot at. Some are epic, out of the country kind of spots, and others are amazing locations within my own state. Washington Oaks State Park has been on this list for years. I was actually just telling my fiance this summer that I needed to find someone that would make the drive just so I could photograph something there. Then Lee and Doug told me (without knowing any of this), that they visited this park recently and they wanted to do their engagement session there! That park was Washington Oak!

What makes this park so unique and amazing for photographers is the access to amazing nature scenery, and the best huge oak that you have ever seen, and then access to the sweetest, quiet beach with amazing rocks by the water. I must have said about 300 times to lee and Doug that the beach made me feel like I was photographing something for the cover of a Nicholas Sparks book/movie.

These two are just the sweetest and purest people. Lee has been an amazing bride so far and we still have 7 months until their wedding! I cannot wait to continue on this season of life with the two of them and celebrate their love in May!

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