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Interview with a Wedding Planner Abi Littles | Owner of Weddings by Abi

I teamed up with Abi Littles, owner of Weddings by Abi to share more about what advantages having a wedding planner has on your wedding experience! Abi is a local, Tampa and Nashville wedding planner and has the best team that works alongside of her! I asked Abi 7 questions regarding the wedding planner aspect of your wedding experience and things she wishes she could tell all bride and grooms!

1. What is one thing couples should consider when hiring a wedding planner? 

Something to consider when you are considering hiring a wedding planner is if you don’t hire a wedding planner who is going to do all of the work that the wedding planner would be doing? That’s right! You, your friends and family members. For example, instead of all of your friends and family spending time with you getting hair and makeup done on your wedding day they are going to have to be at the venue setting up all of your decor and making sure that everything goes smoothly with all of the other vendors. At the end of the night who is going to be packing up and cleaning up if you don’t have a wedding planner? Yep, your friends and family! After a long day they’re going to have to stay back and clean up and pack up and trust me – you do not want to have to ask your friends and family to do that tedious task! So take our advice and hire a wedding planner!

2. What do you wish you could tell all your couples, or inquiring couples?

You will NEVER regret hiring a wedding planner/coordinator. Every single wedding that we have done our couples always tell us that they have no idea how they would’ve done it without us! Hiring a wedding planner will be the best money that you spend on your wedding!

3. What is your favorite part about working with couples on their wedding day?

This is a tough one! We love every part of the wedding planning process but my favorite is in the middle of the reception when the couple is dancing the night away and they pause to come over to us and give us a hug and tell us thank you! It is such a sweet moment when we get to celebrate with the couple and see all of the hard work paid off!

4. What is the best part / your favorite part about being a wedding photographer?

Taking the stress off of our couples! We do everything we can to take the stress off of our couples so that they can truly enjoy the wedding planning process! It is so much fun to see the couples enjoying tastings, working on design details, and so much more! Wedding planning should be fun and exciting and when we see our couples enjoying this process it makes everything worth it!

5. What do most couples not know you offer / can do? 

Even with our smallest package (Month of Coordination) we still do monthly check ins from when you book up until we start the coordination process. This gives our couples a chance to ask any questions they have or ask for vendor recommendations! We also send over monthly tip guides so we truly are there to help you throughout the entire process!

6. What else do you want couples to know about working with you?

We will be friends in no time! We love getting to know our couples throughout the planning process and it truly is bittersweet when your wedding arrives! We are so happy to see you marry the love of your life but also so sad because we really enjoy working with all of our couples!

7. If a bride was interested in Weddings by Abi as her wedding planner – what kind of collections / packages do you offer and what do they include?

We offer Month of Coordination, Partial Planning, and Full Planning packages! Our month of coordination package is perfect for the couples who don’t need help with the planning process but does need help when it comes down to tying up all of those loose ends and coordinating everything on your wedding day! Our partial planning package is perfect for the couples who only need help when it comes to finding and booking your vendors and tying up all of those loose ends and coordinating everything on your wedding day! Our full planning package is perfect for the couples who need help with all things wedding planning! Budgeting, booking vendors, design, and all things wedding planning!

If you are interested in reaching out to chat more with Abi about her wedding planning expertise, head on over here!

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