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2020 Senior Model Graduation Shoot Katie Hauburger Seniors

This post is so bittersweet to be writing!! Last week, I had my very last photoshoot with my beautiful 2020 Senior Model team. As they all graduate high school and prepare to head to their college homes for the next 4 years, we said “goodbye” with a fun cap and gown shoot as a team! Not all of the girls were able to join us, but I LOVED seeing these ladies one last time before they head away at the end of this summer!

These seniors, their friends and classmates were all so robbed. Robbed of a true senior year experience. Grad Night, Prom, Senior Breakfast, Yearbooks, Cap and Gown Day, and worst of all…actual graduation! This shoot was not originally in the plan, but I just had to do something for these girls, something for them to be able to celebrate all the hard work they have endured the past 12-13 years of their lives! While so much sadness and feels of anger can overwhelm them when looking back, I hope just a bit of joy also comes to mind!

Girls, you have all been so good to me! I am so grateful for each and every one of you, and I feel so lucky to have had the chance to be your photographer for your senior year. I’m going to miss all of you and feel like a major big sister watching you all leave!! But I know you all have AMAZING things in store for you and I will be cheering you on always. Here are a handful of favorites from our very last shoot together!!

I love you girls so much!!!! xoxo

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