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Work from Home Guide

So you’re working from home and its a foreign atmosphere for you. You’re struggling with all the changes we have had to adapt with in such a short period of time. It’s hard, life is hard right now.

I am a person that THRIVES on dependability and routine and if you are too, keep reading because I am going to tell you what has helped me when I transitioned to being a full time photographer and was only working solely at home!

01. ROUTINE. Stick to your normal routine as much as possible. Do you normally wake up to work out before work at 6am? DO IT. Wake up at the same time, and get in some time of at home work out! Keep your routine as close as possible to what you would normally do! This makes you feel less out of place and it will be easier to transition back into your normal day life!

02. MEAL PREP. Did you normally meal prep your lunches to bring to work throughout the week? or make your lunches in the morning? Still do that! Normalcy is key!

03. GET OUTSIDE. Find time to get outside and get fresh air, whether its on your lunch break, or when you log off of work for the day. People normally get outside when they are going to and from work, but with commutes not happening right now, add in some sunshine somewhere else! Vitamin D is SO good for the soul, heart and mind!

04. GET DRESSED. You would normally get out of your pajamas for work right? Treat this no different! Granted, I am not saying you need to be in business attire, (unless your work requires you to still), but get out of your night time pajamas, even if it is just a fresh shirt and leggings! AND I always feel more productive when I am put together, hair done (somewhat) and some sort of makeup still on my face!

05. NO TV. Try not to sit in front of the TV to work. Find a spot that you can designate your “work space” for the time being, so that lounging on the couch in the evening can be a fresh space for your mind!

I know we are all struggling to find a new normal for the time being, but remember to stay positive! You WILL get through this!!!

xoxo, Katie

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