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Sunset Family Beach Session in Naples, Florida

One of the reasons that I love social media is because of the connections that can be made with people who live in other states or even in another country, who share similar interests and love for people that otherwise would have never happened. I met Erica virtually through a facebook group created by a leading photographer in the industry who strives to create community and educate others! Erica was in search for a photographer to photograph her family while on vacation in Naples, Florida!

I have never actually been to Naples so I was excited to photograph Erica’s family session down there! My boyfriend and I made it a little day date, drove down there in the morning, got lunch, walked around 5th Avenue and then went scouting for the perfect beach location for the session!

The weather was originally calling for cloud coverage, but we were blessed with blue skies, and clear blue water. Perfect combination for Erica, Nick and Stella’s session. They were just the cutest and sweetest family ever! I could hardly click my shutter button fast enough because they are just NATURALLY adorable!

Now lets talk about Stella. How is this girl so stinkin’ beautiful. THOSE EYES!

So, all that to say, I LOVED getting to take pictures for Erica and her sweet family while they were on vacation in Naples!! It’s always a blast shooting photographers because they pretty much already know what I’m going to say before I say it!

Here’s a bunch of favorites from their session!! Erica, you and your family rocked your session!!