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Best of Weddings 2019

Ooh boy, This is a MAC DADDY of a blog post!!! This time of year is when I share all of my FAVORITE work from the previous year…and I absolutely love it! I go through every single wedding gallery that I created (which means tens of thousands of photos!!!) and select my favorite photos from each gallery. A “favorite” image can be because of pretty much anything: an emotional moment, a composition that I loved, a tricky shooting situation that I was able to turn into something beautiful, a detail that caught my eye…and pretty much anything that stretched my creativity throughout the year. Photographing weddings can get monotonous…but only if you let it!!! I love looking back at each and every wedding because each one was so beautiful, and so magical!

My heart is just overflowing with joy and wish I could hug every single one of these sweet couples right now!

PS – If you are one of the bride or grooms in these photos, just know I LOVE YOU all, I miss you all, and wish you another amazing year as you roll into your first new year as a married couple!!!!

I won’t type too long here (because you have a LOT of photos to scroll through!!!) so, without further ado, here are [some] of my FAVORITE wedding images of 2019!!!