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Four Things No One Told You About Working From Home FOR YOURSELF

Its so mind blowing to me how much my thoughts on working for yourself has changed over the years! I didn’t do it the way most people did. I didn’t leave a corporate, 9-5 job to pursue my own business. To be honest, it just kind of happened. Its nothing something I ever envisioned for my self, but lets be honest, it is so much more!!!! When I started to realize that this was the path my life has taken, I thought “oh this is going to be so much fun,” “I am going to be able to have so much free time, its going to feel like a vacation ALWAYS!!!” Boy was I wrong. But only half wrong. Free time. I was wrong about that. Even in slow season, theres things to get done, that at the beginning, I had no idea I would have to do. BUT my life DOES feel like a vacation (most days). I LOVE MY JOB. I LOVE EDITING YALLS PHOTOS, I LOVE TAKING YALLS PHOTOS AND BEING AT YOUR WEDDING DAY, I LOVE HELPING YOU AND GUIDING YOU AND ALL OF THE ABOVE. BUT here’s a few things I never knew!

1. You’ll never wear real clothes

Yup – you’re closet will be full of clothes. you will always buy new clothes (if you’re a shopper like me) but yet you only wear real clothes about 3 times a week (and thats a generous number). I’m forever realizing that the only reason I go to do laundry is because I’m running out of leggings and my favorite t shirts. whose with me!!!!??

2. You work less…..? 

NO NO NO. Most quit that 9-5pm for a more free life, doing what they love and expecting to work LESS. Theres some days I work all day (of course with breaks in there). Busy season requires a strong hustle! But I bet most entrepreneurs would rather work 60 hours for them selves that 40 hours for someone else!!!!!!

3. “Where are you working???” 

A question I hear about 3-4 times a week. Example: say a friend calls or texts and says “what are you doing?” and I respond with “I’m working” the most common response is always “oh where are you working at? or something along the lines. A lot of people have the assumption that allllll a photographer does is go and TAKE the pictures, and that if we do not have a session, we do not have to work. refer to #2! 😉

4. It truly is amazing.
Plain and simple. So worth it. Worth the hustle and the tears. Worth the feelings of doubt, insecurity and fear. Worth the victories, small or big. The days you stay up till 1am finalizing that blog post, to having the bride reach out the next day in tears over how much they love it. Or when you deliver a senior gallery and mom is speechless over how much her baby has grown! Its all so worth it.