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Grab a cup of coffee and a fluffy blanket and stay awhile! This is where I'll share all my recent galleries, along with my best tips for photographers and brides! There is something for everyone here!

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So you’re working from home and its a foreign atmosphere for you. You’re struggling with all the changes we have had to adapt with in such a short period of time. It’s hard, life is hard right now. I am a person that THRIVES on dependability and routine and if you are too, keep reading […]

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Vanessa Jordan is a personal branding photographer based out of Orlando, FL. I first got to meet her just over a year ago, in Nashville, TN for a retreat we both attended. She reached out to me about doing a branding session for her after she moved to Florida and I have been SO excited […]

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If you are in the creative industry, you have heard the terms “workflows,” “CRMs,” and “streamlining your business,” thrown around like it’s actual confetti. And there is a reason for that….IT IS LIFE-CHANGING! Just over a year ago, I was fed up. I was living my whole life in my inbox and I was so […]

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When I first started photography, I did not even realize that their were SO many different lenses and that there was a such thing as Prime and Zoom lenses (back then I would have thought to my self “why in the world would they make lenses that were only one focal length, what a waste” […]

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Naturally, as humans, especially if you are a girl, you are always wanted to try new things, order something new from amazon, etc. And if you are anything like me, you want REAL recommendations. Real as in, from everyday, ordinary people. This new series is going to involve all things I have discovered this month, […]

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  One of the most common questions I get at sessions or just in life when I am meeting new people is all about how I got here. “Whats your story” is something I hear so much and I realized, I have never openly shared just that, my story! So in attempt to be more […]

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